Join God's Army as an Agent of Change! - FIC Brand Ambassadors

F.I.C. is an acronym for the words Faith In Christ. FIC is a Christian clothing brand that provides followers and believers with stylish and original clothing to share and display their love for Jesus Christ, our Savior.

A huge part of our mission is to not only display our love for Jesus, but to show Jesus' love for all people.

An A.O.C. (Agent of Change) is an active member of a church, community space leader or college campus Christian Fellowship.

They will represent FIC in that space and speak with leadership and peers to identify the following:

  • community service projects FIC can partner or sponsor events
  • opportunities to share information about FIC
  • events where FIC can be a vendor and sell products

What to expect as an A.O.C.

- Free Apparel - $50 credit 
- Post & tag when wearing apparel (3x/mo)
- Share/Re-post as needed (2 - 4/mo)
- Agent of Change: @ficbrand (in IG bio)
- Giving out promotional cards
- Find opportunities in your church or community for FIC Brand to sponsor, partner or vend
- Working at least one local event a month - (vending opportunities are paid)

An Agent of Change requires a 4-month commitment and if successful a paid position may be available.

We really want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. An A.O.C. is vital in finding opportunities to do so as well as spreading the word about FIC and what we're all about.  

If you are interested in becoming an agent of change or would like to learn more, please clink the link below.